Admission ticket - Centre Schweitzer

Admission ticket - Centre Schweitzer

Visit the birthplace of Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr Albert Schweitzer and discover his values and legacy.

Duration : 1 h 30

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  • Museum renovated in 2023
  • A visit to better understand humanitarian issues and the concept of Peace

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The Schweitzer Centre in Kaysersberg is a must for anyone wishing to discover the legacy of Dr Albert Schweitzer, the famous Nobel Peace Prize winner and native of the town.

The centre offers an insight into the life and achievements of this great humanist.

During your visit, explore the different facets of Dr Albert Schweitzer's life: his childhood in Kaysersberg, his studies in medicine, theology and music, and his humanitarian work in Africa. The Centre Schweitzer highlights the profound values of this emblematic figure, such as altruism, respect for life and international solidarity.You will also discover the famous phrase "It's midnight, Dr Schweitzer", which takes on its full meaning in this historic setting. It recalls the urgency of his interventions in Africa and his dedication to saving lives, even in the dead of night. The centre features an interactive exhibition and unique archive documents, providing a better understanding of the geopolitical context of the time and the impact of Schweitzer's actions on medicine and world peace.

When you visit the Centre Schweitzer, you will discover personal objects, photographs, letters and writings that bear witness to Schweitzer's enormous contribution to society.

Whether you are passionate about history, medicine, theology or simply curious to find out more about an inspirational figure, the Schweitzer Centre in Kaysersberg promises to be an enriching and memorable experience. Don't miss this unique opportunity to discover the legacy of a man who left his mark on the history of medicine and world peace.

The Schweitzer Centre is closed on Tuesdays. Closed from 1pm to 2pm from Wednesday to Monday.

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Centre Schweitzer, 126 Rue du Général de Gaulle, Kaysersberg, France


Public parking lot in front of the Centre Schweitzer

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