Journalists from the famous Monu'Mental Magazine, you are dispatched to uncover an incredible phenomenon taking place in one of the city's most emblematic monuments...

Duration : 2 h

  • Play on the day and at the time of your choice!
  • Photos and videos are saved directly to your phone
  • Fun and friendly
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On the programme

Solve the mystery of a must-see monument

Journalists from the renowned Monu'Mental Magazine, you've been dispatched to unravel an incredible phenomenon taking place in one of the city's most emblematic monuments. As you begin your quest in the vicinity of the monument in question, you'll soon discover that its surroundings are as mysterious as the history of its building...

Armed with a smartphone for each team, try to crack the secret codes and foil the puzzles and riddles that this adventure and the streets will reveal as you progress through the legends and history of this cultural heritage.

Without even visiting it, the building will hold no secrets for you, but above all, you'll discover that you were far from imagining all the mysteries and secrets lurking around it...

So, are you ready to embark on this crazy quest that mixes suspense, fiction and heritage?

Good to know

Included in the offer
  • Sending of game instructions (starting point + link to the application and unique game code per team) within 24h00.
  • Provision of an original game scenario (+/- 2h00)
Not included in the offer
  • Accompaniment/presence of an animator (can be played independently)
To take with you
  • Application downloaded on 1 smartphone/team
  • Sufficient battery power
  • Mobile internet connection 
  • A recent version of IOS/Android
Other info

The game can be played independently on the day and at the time of your choice.

The starting location will be specified when you receive the game instructions.

Don't enter your login details until you're there and ready to start the game, because then the game will begin.

Spoken languages English, French
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Stand-alone activity

Strasbourg, France

Activity provider : Insolit'PRO(d)

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of tourist site in Alsace

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